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close up of male hands measuring flooringI’m sure you’d be surprised how many laminate floors you’ve walked on that you thought were hardwood. Technology has come a long way and the design of laminate floors is so close to the real thing, you’ll have visitors saying, “There’s no way that’s laminate!”

Check out the different styles that include beveled edges, hand-scraped, differing lengths and width and much more. With so many choices, come consult with one of our designers to find what’s best for you.

What’s Better For You, Laminate Flooring or Hardwood

This is a great question, but not an easy answer. The same question being asked 10-15 years ago would have had a much easier answer. Now that laminate flooring technology has improved, it is a much more desired floor, even for a high-end home.

Gone are the days where people will walk into a home with laminate and think, wow that looks cheap. More than likely you’ve been in a home with laminate flooring and didn’t even realize what it was. Laminate can give you an option for the hardwood look in areas that have a high probably of scratches or scrapes.

Check out this article for some hints on what to choose, laminate vs. hardwood.

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Most people need to experience the laminate with their “senses” to find the perfect one for their home. Come visit us where we have all the samples and have our Design Consultants help pick the right carpet for you. We are conveniently located in Draper, UT at 12896 S Pony Express. Just look for “The Mystery Machine”. You can’t miss us!
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