Getting Ready For Flooring Installation

When the installation is scheduled, you will be briefed on the preparations specific to your project. In general, the following preps apply to all flooring installations:

  • Arrange to be home during the installation – you may be needed to make last minute decisions or choices.
  • Remove all furniture, furnishings and appliances from the space. If you have natural or propane gas appliances, arrange to have them disconnected and reconnected by a qualified professional.
  • Remove the flooring being replaced. Discard it according to local regulations. You may want to ask us about recycling your old floor.
  • Clean up the exposed sub-floor. Remove any tacks, adhesives, padding remnants, etc. Vacuum and damp mop to remove dust. If you’re worried about dust, block off intake air vents in the space and ask us to put up sheet plastic dust baffles.
  • Arrange for children and pets to stay away from the installation area and from vehicles accompanying the installation team.
  • If you are in a gated community, please arrange for the installation team to have garage or door codes, or access to the service elevator if needed.
  • Clear an area where the installation crew can work. The work and installation spaces need good lighting, power and access to water.
  • Some flooring may need to be delivered early to acclimate to your home temperature and humidity.

Flooring Installation Day

When the crew arrives introduce yourself and tell them how to contact you if they need to. Stay available and try to keep the peeking down to a minimum.

After the installation is complete, you will be asked to walk through for approval. If you see anything that needs adjustment, we will attend to it immediately.

Before we leave the flooring installation, we will go over when the floor can be put into use and the best practices for care and maintenance.

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